Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers

Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers (DD PRB)

Struggling with the logistics of implementing an in situ remediation technology at your site???

Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers (or DD PRB’s) may be the ideal method to apply your chosen ISCO, ISCR, or bio-remediation product.



  • Minimal site disruption: installation can occur while sit is in full operation
  • Ability to install under existing structures: demolition of buildings, pavement, utilities is avoided
  • No trenching or open pits as is required with traditional PRB’s
  • No contaminated soil cuttings
  • Permanent horizontal well system allows for future re-charge of solid reactants as needed
  • Directionally Drilled PRB’s (DD PRB’s) can reach to depths which are not feasible with traditional excavated PRB’s


Specialty Earth Sciences Intellectual Property:
US Patent No 8,210,773 B2
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