Excavation, Directional Drilling, and Much More.

interior_header_constructionservicesSE Sciences’ early company conception was grounded in the traditional mechanical remediation disciplines; including conceptual design, pilot testing, in-house system fabrication, and in-house system installation construction services.

Company principals and supporting staff have turn-keyed over 100 projects within the United States involving mechanical remediation systems and the following methods:

  • DPE (dual phase extraction)
  • MPE (multi phase extraction)
  • SVE (soil vapor extraction)
  • SVE/AS (air sparge)
  • Soils Bioventing
  • Ground water Biosparging
  • Ozone sparging
  • Hydrocarbon free product recovery

SE Sciences construction service operations were specifically developed to address the inherent difficulties stakeholders face in trying to implement a remedial design utilizing general construction contractors who possess only limited or intermittent knowledge of environmental based projects.

SE Sciences construction services team is an industry leader in environmental remediation projects, possessing the unique set of skills necessary in providing dependable consistent results. Our construction staff is a unique blend of environmental foremen, operators, and professionals with unparalleled experience and expertise in the areas of excavation, remedial system installations, directional drilling, horizontal well placement, construction health & safety, and much more.