Key Personnel

Chemistry, Geology, Enigeering, and Toxicology

Key-PersonnelSE Sciences remedial expertise is drawn from its elite staff of personnel providing a variety of advanced scientific disciplines including geology, hydrogeology, environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, and environmental toxicology.

Technical Center

Jason A. Swearingen, CHMM – Technical Director / Principal Environmental Scientist

Dr. Lindsay Swearingen – Managing Member / Principal Scientist

Sung-Woo Lee, PhD – Environmental Engineer

Michael Phelps – Field Services Manager

Martin Hanka, PE – Senior Environmental Engineer

Walter F. “Buddy” Key, III – Business Development Director

West Coast Operations

Andrew Drummond, PG – Principal Geologist

Adrienne Ries, Project Geologist

Central Region Operations

P. Cory Smith – Senior Project Manager

East Coast Operations

Gregory B. Grose, PG – Senior Project Manager / Senior Geologist