Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Cometabolic Processes

microbial_pageSE Sciences technical director and principal, Mr. Jason Swearingen, was a member of the remedial team that first introduced reductive dechlorination to the US Army Corps. of Engineers – Louisville District as related to a Nike missile defense base remediation project in Missouri.


The terms reductive decholorination, injection substrate, contaminant daughter products, etc. have become common within the consulting community over the last decade. Numerous chemical distribution company’s have had fantastic success in creating a widespread misconception that guaranteed site closure comes pre-packaged in an array of 5-gallon buckets; in essence taking the science out of microbial based remediation.


We at SE Sciences refute this belief, and take great pride in designing and implementing proven biological processes; all of which are grounded within the fundamental scientific principles that make consistent success a reality. Site specific details such as hydrogeological characteristics, geological and geochemical profile, contaminant physical and chemical properties, statistical evaluations, metabolic kinetics, chemical equilibria, and endpoint objectives are methodically scrutinized to determine which microbial based techniques would possess the highest probability of success.

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