SE Sciences has unparalleled experience with chemical remediation of the most challenging environmental contaminants located within the most difficult of industrial settings, including: mfg. gas plants (MGP’s), lacquer mfg. factories, metals plating facilities, fueling terminals, and dry cleaning retail stores.

SE Sciences takes great pride in the rich tradition of innovative chemical based treatment techniques that have established our company as an industry leader.

Staff personnel have consistently succeeded in achieving remedial endpoints and site closures for our clients with a variety of chemical reagents – peroxygens, permanganates, persulfates, metabisulfites, and polysulfides.

  • In-situ & ex-situ chemical oxidation, In-situ chemical reduction, In-situ heavy metals (co)precipitation and fixation,
  • In-situ heavy metals solubility treatment and capture enhancement.

SE Sciences chemical remediation accomplishments also include,

  • SE Sciences is the developer and patent holder for encapsulated environmental reactants, sustained release reactants, controlled release reactants, and selective oxidation…  More Info
  • SE Sciences is the developer and patent holder for the installation of solid reactants into the subsurface via directionally drilled permeable reactive barriers (DD-PRBs)…  More Info
  • Three issued patents and four pending patents related to in situ soil and groundwater remediation technologies…  More Info
  • Preferred FMC corporation in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) specialist,
    FMC Presents SE Sciences Case Study at International Petro. Env. Conf. (2007)
  • First company to receive an Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Excess Liability Fund (ELF) approval and consultant reimbursement for an activated persulfate treatment of a leaking underground storage tank site.